Antibody Testing in Surrey

Surrey Local Resilience Forum has set up a testing hub to coordinate delivery of Coronavirus antibody testing to all eligible people across the county.

Antibody testing is a key part of the Government's testing programme as it will support research in understanding how the immune system responds to the COVID-19 virus. Understanding about the virus will grow as new scientific evidence and studies emerge.

There is no urgent reason at this stage for anyone to be tested for antibodies. A positive antibody test does not mean you can stop following social distancing measures and good infection control measures.


Who is eligible for an antibody test?

All NHS staff are eligible for the testing programme, The current national guidance recommends that testing is prioritised for staff who have been working in areas with high patient contact with COVID-19 including ITU/Critical Care, A&E, gateway wards and respiratory wards.

As a result of this national guidance, antibody testing in Surrey will be rolled out in a phased approach across the region according local need and concerns for our system - we aim to provide availability to all NHS staff who would like a test as quickly as possible.

Staff who fall within the vulnerable staff group category, will also receive prioritisation.

NHS staff living or working in Surrey, who would like a test, should register below. A member of the testing team will then be in contact to book an appointment. It may be from a withheld number.


Staff with active symptoms of COVID-19 will not be offered the antibody test. This is because we need to wait 21 days after symptoms to test for antibodies.


We will continue to expand our testing capacity to include new groups as part of the phased approach, but we will prioritise those essential workers listed above initially.

Personal details MUST be correct and include full name and surname as it would appear on your NHS record. Your NHS number must be included and other numbers e.g. national insurance number will not be accepted. Your antibody result will not be processed if this data is not correct.

NHS staff living or working in Surrey should use Surrey's testing hub as outlined above. This allows us to prioritise and ensure people get the test they need. It also allows us to collect vital data, such as the numbers of people who have had Coronavirus across the county and the level of immunity.

If you have any questions about antibody testing in Surrey, please email [email protected]